Meyce Alauddin is the Founder & CEO of The Giveaway Co., a customized luxury giveaway company that was founded in 2015 in Jordan. It has since grown to serve corporate and personal occasions around the world. The idea was born during her time as an owner of a multi brand home accessories boutique, where she was repeatedly asked if she had large quantities of certain items to be purchased as giveaways for special occasions. The Giveaway Co. is now based out of the UAE and is considered a luxury giveaway & packaging brand globally. It has to date served hundreds of clients' special occasions in more than 12 countries.Most recently, The Giveaway Co. has launched a Ready to Gift line to make elegant & affordable gifting hassle-free and readily available. Ready to Gift by The Giveaway Co. is now available in Doha, and will soon be at different stores across the GCC. 

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